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“Unknown Percentage” Published in Scigentasy, Issue 2

I’m delighted to share my forty-second story published with you awesome folks tonight.  My science fiction/romance tale, “Unknown Percentage” was published today in Scigentasy, Issue 2.


The origin story of “Unknown Percentage” is one of my favorite origin stories.  It was one of the moments that inspiration just keeps calling and calling, and eventually I listened.  There used to be a sign on a road that I drove every day to work.  The sign wasn’t flashy, it wasn’t really out of the ordinary.  But it always caused me to do a double-take.  What was it?

A cartoonish image of a barber cutting a man’s hair.  And the sign read: Big Al’s Barbershop.  So why the double-take?  Simple — the font was sort of weird, so it looked like Big AI’s Barbershop.  On this screen, in this font, those look pretty similar.  Basically, every time I read the sign, I read it as “Big A.I.’s Barbershop”.  A.I.  As in artificial intelligence.

So I passed that sign, time and again.  The idea of an artificial intelligence as a barber was really entertaining, but I didn’t write the story.  Not until Story-a-Day May 2013.  During that strenuous, but glorious challenge I’m usually willing to latch onto even the weirdest story prompt.  And Big Al’s sign fed my imagination.

And that’s how “Unknown Percentage” came to life.  I really love Artificial Intelligences.  They capture my imagination; they’re what I love most about science fiction.  So I’m delighted to have found a home for this story with the awesome folks over at Scigentasy.  I hope if you have a few moments you’ll take the time to go give this story a read and maybe comment there about what you thought.  🙂  It is free to read afterall!

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on ““Unknown Percentage” Published in Scigentasy, Issue 2

  1. Omg, what an amazing idea for a story! And reading it just cracked me up. I love, “Approximately a 68% chance he’s flirting and/or referencing his relationship with me.” Just LOL! And at the end, I just feel so dang bad for the broken-hearted robot. Like, I’ve totally been there:) What a great story! ❤

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