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“Dark Refrain” Published in Read Short Fiction

I am immensely excited about this particular story — entitled “Dark Refrain” — which Read Short Fiction published today.  It’s one of those stories that came to me, begging to be told.  Please take a moment to go read the story — it’s free and quite short, I promise — before reading on, as I don’t wish to spoil anything.

Read Short Fiction Nov 2013

One afternoon in April or so, I was feeling the urge to write.  So I looked up a contest at Scribophile — the critiquing website I frequent — and found one that peaked my interest.  The contest was about monsters.  And it was a poetry contest.  So I sat down and scribbled random thoughts and ideas.  A few odd lines to a poem that was never fully born.  I quickly realized things weren’t working and was beginning to feel a bit frustrated.

That’s when I saw a letter lying under the TV tray beside the couch.  I’d noticed the letter lying there a few times before — it was from my brother, one of a few letters he wrote to me while he was away at Marine boot camp.  If you’ve ever seen one of the little envelopes, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  They’re a very peculiar size.  Anyway, since my brain was actively churning up things, I snagged the letter up and stared at my brothers’ writing scrawled across the envelope.

And thus, a first line was born.

I get a letter from my brother every day. He’s been dead for seventeen years.

Creepy, right?  It struck me just so.  So I blasted through the story.  It had a few emotional moments — I think I actually teared up at one point which is a first for me.

So yeah, that’s the story behind the story.  I hope you guys enjoy the read! 🙂






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