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“No Longer a Fragment” Published in Kasma SF

I’m back again to tell you about a new story of mine published just this evening.  The delightful folks over at Kasma SF have published my science fiction short story, “No Longer a Fragment”.  And it’s free to read (click story title)!  And it has amazing, amazing art by the super talented José Baetas!

In this post, I’ll talk briefly about the story behind “No Longer a Fragment” as well as rave a bit about the artwork for this piece.  If you get the time, it’s a very short read and I’d appreciate hearing if people like it or not.

Artwork by José Baetas
Artwork by José Baetas

Behind the Story

I wrote “No Longer a Fragment” during Story-a-Day May 2013.  At its core, the inspiration for this story came from a paper I wrote in college.  In the paper, I talked about how I felt like a sentence fragment, incomplete and looking for someone or something to make me whole.  The professor circled that particular line and said he liked it.  It always sort of stuck with me as it’s a feeling I’m very familiar with, especially when it comes to faith.  Moving off that basic thought or idea, I really enjoyed playing with this character’s somewhat creepy and drastic moves to eliminate that feeling.  It was super fun to write.

The Artwork

There were two reasons that I decided to send another story to Kasma SF.  One, they’re a really cool online magazine and their editor, Alex Korovessis, is a really great person and a pleasure to work with.  Two, I really, really love José Baetas artwork.  Every story that Kasma SF publishes (one story per month) gets artwork created specifically for the story.  Last year, one of my first sci-fi attempts — “Memory File #006“– was published with Kasma and I really fell in love with the artwork for it (click story title to see).  I was very excited to see what Baetas would do with this particular story and he once again blew me away with the result.  The amount of detail, the added stuff that really fleshed out the image — it’s all so great!


Anyway, I hope you guys will stop by Kasma SF to read “No Longer a Fragment”.  Comment here if you wish to let me know what you think, or share the story via the Facebook/Twitter share buttons on the page itself.  If you enjoy the story, or any other stories on Kasma, perhaps consider making a donation as they’re a really great publication to support.




11 thoughts on ““No Longer a Fragment” Published in Kasma SF

  1. This is such a powerful story, Alexis and I agree that the artwork illustrates it perfectly. There seem to be a lot of themes underlying the top layer of the story – loneliness, belonging, completeness, faith. You’ve achieved so much in so few words. Bravo. 🙂

  2. I like how you managed to capture that need to belong, that empty feeling. The doctor/priest guy was well done, though his surgery was…well, creepy. Great story.

    1. Thanks so much! Haha, glad the surgery was creepy — that was the intended effect. ^_^ I really appreciate your taking the time to read my story and let me know what you thought. 🙂

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