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“On Uppermost Winds” (Part 1) Published in Cricket Magazine

Those of you who are not friends with me on Facebook may not have heard, but my children’s fantasy tale — “On Uppermost Winds” — was recently published in Cricket Magazine.  The story is split in two parts, the first of which is currently available in the May/June issue.  The second half will appear in Cricket’s July/August issue.


I’m super stoked about this sale for a number of reasons.  First and foremost — this is Cricket! It’s a magazine that my mother read as a child, and that a decent amount of people are familiar with.  I walked into my local bookstore today and pick up a copy off the shelf.  It’s an incredible feeling.

Secondly, it’s got amazing art.  Artist Anna Bron created some fantastic illustrations for my story.  Having art created specifically for my stories is always a thrill, and it’s even more exciting when the artist manages to capture elements you didn’t specifically mentioned but definitely envisioned.  For instance, I never specified that Asyra — the main character of “On Uppermost Winds” — was not your average American white protagonist.  Anna picked up on that perfectly somehow!

And finally, this story’s publication marks my 50th short story published.  I still have a long way to get where I want to be, but I feel I’m on my way.  And in the end, it’s more about the thrill of writing and the constant reach for better writing skills than it is about the number of stories published.  I won’t lie though, I’m pretty excited about this number. 😀

Thanks again to all the wonderful people who have supported and encouraged me over the past few years.  You guys mean the world to me. 🙂



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