Story-A-Day Challenge

Story-a-Day 2014: Week 2 Review

And it’s officially the end of Week 2 of Story-a-Day May.

Not going to lie, I’m already feeling a bit worn down.  This week was extremely busy and I had so many really excellent days.  Yesterday I wrote the story I’m the most excited about thus far.  Which made today very hard.  I briefly wondered if I should just skip today.  Surely I already have enough good stories, right?

But I’m a sucker for the challenge.  Couldn’t stand the idea of quitting.  So I pushed on and wrote a story which I’m not really happy with, but I love the idea.  So I’ll chalk that one up for a rewrite later on.

Now onto the details of the week and challenge thus far!


Days of the Challenge: 11

Stories Written: 12

Total Word Count: 21,314 words

Words Written in Week 2 Alone: 13,341 words (5,368 more words than last week)

Average Daily Word Count:  1997 words per day

Genres: Fantasy, Literary, Sci-Fi/Romance, Paranormal


  • “Eat The Queen”
  • “Bad Son: Or, Every Page and Spell”
  • “She Bleeds, A Prayer” and “Sensation Among the Senseless”
  • “Remnant”
  • “She Asked If I Would Rust”
  • “A Ghost, In Stasis”
  • “Muslin Heart”



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