Story-A-Day Challenge

Story-a-Day 2014: Week 3 Review

A bit belated, I’m here for the stats!

Last week I mentioned struggling quite a bit this year and even contemplating quitting.  I wasn’t quite sure why I was having so much more trouble than normal, but theorized it was because I was hyper-plotting and focusing a lot on making sure each story had layers/depth/meaning.  That may well be the case–this week was much easier, and I’m not sure if that’s because I quit plotting so heavily or because I found a new TV show to consume in mass quantities (Hannibal — oh my goodness).

I’m beginning to think that a writer should look at writing like people look at eating/exercising.  The more energy you put out or burn, the more food you must consume.  So the more I put out as a writer, the more I must read/watch/consume media-wise.  For some reason reading short stories doesn’t ‘feed’ me like binging on TV does.

Anyway!  On to the stats!


Days of the Challenge: 19

Stories Written: 20

Total Word Count: 38,846 words

Words Written in Week 3 Alone: 17,532 words (4,191 more words than last week)

Average Daily Word Count:  2,044 words per day

Genres: Fantasy, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Literary, Fantasy/Children’s, Fantasy/Paranormal, Fantasy/Fairy Tale


  • Bed of Emerging Eyes
  • Know What’s Below
  • Read Me Brooke
  • All the Shapes of Small-Town Dreams
  • With the Eyes of Wolves
  • The Third Sister
  • While the Boots Remain
  • Ghosting Amongst the Bushes of a Strange, Fascinating Fruit

8 thoughts on “Story-a-Day 2014: Week 3 Review

  1. I’m so glad that you didn’t quit. You’ve really produced some remarkable work during this challenge. Keep up the good work! You’re coming down the home stretch now.

  2. I think you might be on to something with that analogy!

    Also, you are doing phenomenally! I’m totally impressed, you’re rocking it.

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