Story-a-Day 2014: Week 4 Review

Week 4 of the challenge is officially over!  Only six days remain in Story-a-Day May and I’m actually kind of happy about that!


This has been quite a grueling challenge, but the end is near and I’m really happy with a decent amount of my stories thus far.  One reader referred to yesterday’s story as ‘deep’ and ‘thoughtful’–which is everything I’ve been aiming for. Funny that I got that reaction out of a story I didn’t even plan or plot in the least.

Making certain to consume enough TV shows, movies and/or other forms of media has definitely helped with the writer’s block thing.  Also I’ve dropped some of my planning/plotting stages as I think it was wearing my brain out more.  Good for use in general, but at this point in the game, just not working for me.

So on to the stats!


Days of the Challenge: 25

Stories Written: 26

Total Word Count: 49,127 words

Words Written in Week 4 Alone: 9,281 words (8,251 less words than last week)

Average Daily Word Count:  1,965 words per day

Genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy/Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Dinopunk, Literary/Non-Genre, Fantasy


  • Five Reasons You Should Stop Leaving Me
  • She Was All You Had
  • His Mecca
  • Revolutions of Eorapter, the Dawn-Plunderer
  • Possessed of a Fierce Violence
  • Call It Symbiosis



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