Story-A-Day Challenge

Story-a-Day 2014: Month in Review

It’s June 1st!  Story-a-Day May 2014 has finally come to an end.  I have to admit it has been a particularly grueling challenge and I’m very happy that it’s over–but still extremely happy for the challenge itself.  I feel like I have a handful of really strong stories, a handful of hopeful stories and more than a few handfuls of crappy ones.  I’m quite excited to dive into editing and get some of these sent out (already have three sent out and it’s only June 1!).

So without further ado, here’s my final wrap up stat-wise. 🙂

TL;DR — I wrote 32 stories in May, for a total of 57,514 words.  Which is actually 23,000 words less than last year’s combined challenge total (last year = 80,976 words).




Days of the Challenge: 31

Stories Written: 32

Total Word Count: 57,514 words

Words Written in Week 5 Alone: 8,387 words (894 less words than last week)

Average Daily Word Count:  1,855 words per day

Genres: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi/Erotica, Literary, Children’s Fantasy, Horror, Fantasy


  • When the Invader Comes: What to Do — And How to Do It
  • I’ve Got You
  • Picnic Under a Dying Sky
  • Not the Least, Estel
  • SKIN GAME: How to Play
  • Feathers, Breaking Through



8 thoughts on “Story-a-Day 2014: Month in Review

  1. Congratulations! You made it! I can’t begin to imagine how difficult a task it was. I’m so glad you persevered. As you noted, you wrote a bunch of good stories as well as a half dozen or so really good stories. You should be very proud of yourself.

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