“A Fairfolk Promise” Published in FAE

FAE cover

The day has finally arrived.  You’ve probably heard me chattering about this anthology on Facebook or Twitter recently.  The weeks leading up to the launch of Fae have been very exciting.  Rhonda Parrish and World Weaver Press have been very in touch with us authors, getting us involved in lots of interesting ways.  So I’m happy to finally announce the publication of my short story–“A Fairfolk Promise”–in Fae.  

I’ve already received my contributor copy and I can tell you two things:

1.) It’s gorgeous. I mean, really gorgeous. You can tell that from the image above, but there’s something thrilling about holding this anthology in your own hands.  It’s magic.  Almost as magic as the stories inside…

2.) The insides match the outside–this anthology is packed full of gorgeous tales.  I’ve only read three of them, but I can tell you I’m already blown away.

But enough with my jabbering on.  Here’s what some bias-free people have had to say about FAE…


Praise for FAE:

“A delightfully refreshing collection that offers a totally different take on your usual fairy stories! I found it difficult to stop reading as one story ended and another began – all fantastic work by gifted writers. Not for the faint of heart, by any means.” — Marge Simon, multiple Bram Stoker® Winner

“Anyone with an abiding love of Faerie and the Folk who dwell there will find stories to enjoy in FAE.” — Tangent (C.D. Lewis)

“The Cartography of Shattered Trees’ by Beth Cato and ‘And Only The Eyes of Children’ by Laura VanArendonk Baugh are shining examples of what could be done with the subject of faeries that surpass tricks on the reader, that build worlds and characters worth knowing and exploring, that have something important to say about the real world.” — Tangent (John Sulyok)

“Nibble on this deliciously wondrous collection of stories of fae one at a time or binge on its delights on one night, you’ll love the faerie feast this collection provides. I devoured it.” — Kate Wolford, editor of Beyond the Glass Slipper; editor and publisher of Enchanted Conversation: A Fairytale Magazine


What’s more, we’re having a Fae Launch Party over on Facebook and I hope you all will join us!  Many of us authors will be popping in, editor Rhonda Parrish will be there, and it’s just going to be an all-around fun time.  There will also be some giveaways going on–I plan to giveaway a copy of Plasma Frequency Magazine, Issue 11.  The launch party runs from 7-10PM EST.

Sometime in the coming weeks, I’ll be back here on the blog again to interview one of my fellow contributors about her story in the book.  More details about that later on!

So I’m done chattering.  Away with you–fly to the dark, lovely branches of Fae and, please, let me know what you think!



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