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Apocalyptic Vs. Post-Apocalyptic

Hello and welcome to Stop Seven on the A is for Apocalypse blog train!  Hopefully most of you have been following the blog train from the beginning, but if not, make sure to stop by the most recent stop over at Sara Cleto’s blog.  Without further ado, let’s jump into my end-of-the-world ramblings…   I… Continue reading Apocalyptic Vs. Post-Apocalyptic

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Choose Your Last Words (The End of the World)…

I hold words dear.  I hold them dearer now that the world is ending.  Now that it all comes tumbling down.  I can hear the sirens.  That scares me, but I’m more afraid of when the sirens stop.  When the sky falls silent, helicopter blades no longer slicing through its vast expanse.  When the last… Continue reading Choose Your Last Words (The End of the World)…


The Price–A FAE Interview with Kari Castor

A couple of weeks ago, FAE launched.  You probably remember, right?  As part of the launch processes, a few of us authors are doing one-on-one interviews with other contributors to the anthology. Last week, Laura VanArendonk Baugh interviewed contributor Shannon Phillips about her Fae story, “The Fairy Midwife”. (Check it out here if you missed… Continue reading The Price–A FAE Interview with Kari Castor