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“That’s Blood” Published in Every Day Fiction.

That’s blood. Family. I don’t have to look in a mirror to see the connection. He’s got my eyes — olive green with an inner ring of brown radiating out from the pupil. I guess it’d be more accurate to say I’ve got his eyes. The realization makes me recoil.


Every week I usually meet up with a local writer and we write together.  Little flash pieces, based on random prompts we assign each other.  We have lunch and chat and read our resulting stories aloud to each other.  It’s so much fun and a great connection to make.  The stories I write during these meetings aren’t always very good–but sometimes they’ve got something in them that shines, something in them that I like and find worth pursuing.

“That’s Blood” is one of those stories.  It’s a dark little flash piece–not a speculative element to be found, but it maintains my usual affinity for dark and painful tales.  I really like this story because it felt rather tight to me, compressed, and while I’m sure it still has its flaws (don’t they all), I’m rather fond of the tale.

I said all that to say that “That’s Blood” was published today over at Every Day Fiction.  It’s already received some great comments.  I love reading people’s thoughts and reactions to my work so this is one of my biggest motivations for sending stories to EDF.  If you get a chance–really, it only takes a minute or two to read–please stop on over at the site and give the story a read.  Comment and share if you can.  I’ll love you forever if you do!  ^_^

Now I’ll leave you with the link.  Go forth and read, all you awesome people.





4 thoughts on ““That’s Blood” Published in Every Day Fiction.

  1. Nice job. Well conceived and well-written. I particularly like the parallelism of “I feel a kinship…” and “I feel a connection….” And a very vivid and visual image of the horses and elephants coming to life. I can imagine that happening in one of your stories.

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