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Yesterday, a pretty neat new site launched for writers and readers.  It’s called QuarterReads.  The premise is simple: authors upload their works and readers pay 25 cents to read whatever story piques their interest.  Authors get a majority of that 25 cents, and there’s also a tip jar for each story, with 100% of those tips going to the author.

I’ve gotta say, when I first learned about the site, I was pretty intrigued.   I checked it out and uploaded three of my stories–all stories that have been published before but that are no longer available to read anywhere.  It’s been an interesting experiment so far and I really hope the website takes off.

If you’re interested in reading my QuarterReads, I have three posted:

I’ve got a few more stories in mind to possibly upload, but for now that’s what I’ve got.  Be sure to also check out work from a few of my talented friends: Gary Emmette Chandler, Stewart C. Baker and Stuart Turnbull.


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