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“Be Not Unequally Yoked” Published in Shimmer #23

Things used to be pure inside me. Separated. When I was a boy, I was wholly a boy. When I was a horse, I was wholly a horse. Things used to be simple inside me. I was all one thing or I was all another. And the two only got close when the change was happening.

I want to tell you about probably the best story I’ve ever written.  I’m not trying to brag or boast; I have a hard time talking about my victories. But today, I am damn proud of this story and of myself.  I first discovered Shimmer some years back.  It’s a tragically gorgeous magazine–full of the weird and wonderful and dark.  I adore the stories this magazine publishes, I adore their editing staff, and I just adore the magazine in general!


So when I wrote “Be Not Unequally Yoked,” I knew I had to send it to them.  I had to.  I wasn’t sure it was shimmery enough for them, but I had to try.  I’d already submitted plenty of stories to them in the past, but this felt different.

And it was.

Elise — Shimmer editor extraordinare: E. Catherine Tobler — emailed me with the delightful news that they were offering me a rewrite request: the opportunity to make some changes and try them again with it.  I addressed their suggestions (excellent suggestions that really improved the story) and sent it back to them.  Three or four days later, I got the yes.

Today, Shimmer #23 launched on this the first day of 2015.  You can buy a copy and find my story inside, as well as three other awesome stories that I can’t wait to read.  I hope you’ll take the time to read these stories, check out the magazine, donate or purchase if you can.  If you don’t have any spare change, you’ll be able to read my story for free on their website in February.

I’d like to say a huge thanks to some special people.  To Eleanor, thanks for the inspiration and constant encouragement.  Your story prompt that Wednesday in Subway launched this whole thing.  To Molly N. Moss, many many thanks for helping me get this story in shape to be seen!  To the awesome folks at Scribophile, another hearty thanks for helping me polish and polish.  And to anyone and everyone who takes the time to read “Be Not Unequally Yoked,” a thousand thank you’s upon you.

Happy New Year!


 Available on Amazon and Shimmer’s website.


2 thoughts on ““Be Not Unequally Yoked” Published in Shimmer #23

  1. I finally got around to reading this story. Wow! What a great piece, emotionally powerful and beautifully written. I’m not sure that I agree that it’s your best story ever, but it is certainly one of your best. Its themes of gender (or in this case species) identity and attraction are very relevant today, while the elements of the pain of conformity and the burden of secrets make it timeless and add to the emotional power. I find it interesting that you set the story in an Amish community, where these issues would be magnified by the conservative nature of the society. And I found the Amish characters very believable. Are there Amish communities in Michigan? Or have you, as I have, just read about them in newspapers and books?

    1. Thanks, Gary!

      There are indeed Amish communities in Michigan. I actually set this story in my hometown, where you were just as likely to see an Amish buggy as a car going down those dirt roads. And that story about the calf being pulled from its mother with twine tied to its feet is true–one night our cow was having trouble delivering, so Dad ran down to our Amish neighbor and enlisted his help. 😀

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