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February: Full of Win

Only three days into the month and February already rocks.  I have a lot of writing related news to share today, so I thought I’d post it all together to avoid spamming people with multiple short posts.  So here we go!

Win #1–

“Be Not Unequally Yoked”–published in Shimmer #23 in January–is now free to read on their website!  They’ve also got a brief interview up, if you’re interested in learning a bit more about this story’s conception.  Here’s an excerpt of my story, in case you haven’t yet had a chance to read it…

Things used to be pure inside me. Separated. When I was a boy, I was wholly a boy. When I was a horse, I was wholly a horse.

Things used to be simple inside me. I was all one thing or I was all another. And the two only got close when the change was happening.

But things aren’t so simple anymore. The lines inside me feel blurry, more and more every day. And as I sit here across from that pretty Beiler girl, all I can think about is how she smells like dew-damp clover. She’s got eyes as bright as bluebells, a smile like sunshine and I know that should make me feel something, but all I can think of is that smell.

I’ve heard some pretty great reactions from those who’ve read the story today and it has really made my day.  To all of you who took the time to read this story and those who let me know what you thought–a thousand thank yous.  I write for myself, but the joy of having others read and respond positively to my work is…sometimes beyond words.

Win #2–

Charles Payseur of Quick Sip Reviews posted a review today of Flash Fiction Online’s February issue.  He had some incredibly kind things to say about my puzzle of a flash piece–“Gold Dress, No Eyes.”

Emotional and gut-punchy, this story lingers on all the small details that make the emotions real…

You can read the full review here.  Many thanks to Charles for the review and the kind words!

Win #3–

A little flash piece of mine–“We Always Will Be”–was published in Faed, an anthology from the excellent folks over at A Murder of Storytellers.  You can pick up a digital copy of this anthology on Smashwords or Amazon, and it’s also available in print here.

I forced myself to keep walking toward the light, blinking in the distance. Fog rolled out of the tangled edges of the forest around me—white hands reaching for my feet, nearly obscuring the cracked and broken pavement.

The longer I walked, stutter-stepping between the metronome flash of light ahead, the farther away the beacon seemed to be. Some part of me realized this was wrong, all wrong, but I was drawn irresistibly forward.

Win #4–

Not quite in February, but my Shimmer story (“Be Not Unequally Yoked”) was reviewed by Lois Tilton.  This was a scary moment for me as I hastily scrolled down to find her reaction to my tale.  Lois can be, from what reviews of hers I’ve read, a bit of a tough critic–I was quite happy when she didn’t seem to have anything outright negative to say about my story.

So there you have it–February is looking to be a month of wins.  We shall see how the rest of the month goes of course, but even if I don’t make another sale or have another story published this month, I’m quite content–ecstatic even–with February 2015.



4 thoughts on “February: Full of Win

  1. That’s a pretty sick start for your writing achievements in February! So far I’ve only one story that ever made it big and that was way back in 2012 so after reading this, I’m more determined to get myself back on track 🙂

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