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“To Bear Fruit” Published in Kasma SF

Art by José Baetas
Art by José Baetas

The moment I see it, sprawling out lazily on the bumpy, slate walls, I long to touch it.  It wafts in the slight breeze, gusting in from the cave’s entrance.  Tendrils of green, spooling out toward me, interlaced inextricably with each other–

I want it to be interlaced inextricably with me, too.

If you’re looking for a short, creepy read you should check out my latest published story–“To Bear Fruit“–now available (free to read!) from Kasma SF.   It has become a sort of ritual for me to have a story published with these awesome folks every year.  I love working with Kasma’s editor, Alex Korovessis, and seeing what José Baetas comes up with for the artwork is always a thrill.

desk2As you can see, I have Baetas’ past two illustrations from my Kasma SF stories–“Memory File #006” and “No Longer a Fragment“–framed and hung above my desk. I can’t wait to add this latest illustration to the collection.

Let me know what you think of the story if you get a chance.

Thanks for reading!




4 thoughts on ““To Bear Fruit” Published in Kasma SF

  1. Ha! That just shows how organised and cool you are. I have bought a few prints of illustrations from my stories. But I’ve never gotten around to framing them.

    I tip my bonnet to you!

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