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April on Fire: “Molten Heart” & “Burn Me, Love”

I’m popping back in today to bring you guys two more published stories–both, coincidentally, with titles revolving around fire!  Many of you have already read, commented, and shared both of these stories and I am beyond happy with the response both tales have received.  For those of you who missed it, it’s not too late to read these two super short stories.

On Wednesday, freeze frame fiction launched it’s fourth volume, including my brief and non-genre (read: literary? maybe?) story, “Burn Me, Love.”  I wrote this story initially during last year’s Story-a-Day May and it was, in it’s original form, a combination of prose and poetry sections.  When I sent it along to Dino over at fff, he suggested that the story was more powerful without the poetry sections.  I was happy to remove them (honestly, I’m not very good at poetry) and I think it was for the better.  This is a little tale with a lot of pain in it and I love it so much.  Some stories you just hold dear and this is one of them.

In her mind, she hears the voice of her seventeen year old daughter. The disgusted sigh, the cutting barb. You’re such a whore, Mom.

Is she?

Two divorces and a string of three-week-or-less relationships. Her eyes always hunting, always haunting. She’s hungry. Does that make her a whore?

Yes, she tells herself. Yes.

She should tear her gaze from the man across the coffee shop.

But she can’t. She doesn’t want to.

On Thursday, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination launched their April issue, featuring my “science fantasy” flash piece, “Molten Heart.”  It’s free to read at the moment, so be sure to check it out online while you can.

Fantastic Stories Molten Heart

They didn’t want me to look human, so they didn’t give me eyes. They thought if they shaped me like a monster — a hulking ton of red Mars clay, mute and blind — that she wouldn’t love me.

They were wrong.


If you enjoy reading either of these publications, please consider donating a few dollars as a sort of tip.  You can support freeze frame fiction in a number of ways–whether a one time PayPal donation or by becoming a supporter on Patreon.  Fantastic Stories is actually running a IndieGoGo (sort of like Kickstarter) campaign to help raise funds to pay their authors (and they pay a fantastic rate, which is much appreciated by authors like me!).

As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think! 🙂



2 thoughts on “April on Fire: “Molten Heart” & “Burn Me, Love”

  1. “Molten Heart” is a good story, well-conceived and well-written. Another in a continuing series of stories on the theme of what it means to be human. Thought-provoking as always.

  2. I just got around to reading “Burn Me, Love” – excellent story, powerful and poetic. You do a nice job in tracing the ebb and flow of passion in a relationship. As someone once observed, the chase is more exciting than the catch; you do an excellent job of portraying this.

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