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“Always Another Point” Published in Insert Title Here, a FableCroft Anthology

I somehow completely dropped the ball on this. This awesome anthology–packed full of stories I can’t wait to read–was published at the beginning of the month.  It features my “werewolf in space” story (which is more than just that, I assure you)–“Always Another Point”.


There are already a few reviews out for this collection.  Katharine at VentureAdlaxre had kind words to say about my story:

This piece parallels many issues and discrimination we have in the world today, and is also incredibly sad. However, it also ends in hope. This is a strong piece that needs to be read, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Needless to say, I’m happy to have this piece out in the world and I hope you’ll take the time to check out this anthology (click here to view on Amazon).  It’s said to have lots of dark tales–I’m looking forward to diving into it myself! Now I’ll leave you with a very short teaser.

Thanks for reading!



Jenna paced the narrow confines of the maintenance chamber. She checked the time again.

Her steps faltered as pain burst through her—a momentary flash that tensed every muscle to an unbearable degree. She bit down on a yelp, braced herself with one hand against the rusted wall, and dropped the other hand to cradle her swollen belly.

The physical pain subsided. Tears blurred her vision. She snapped her hand away from her stomach as if stung. Even after a week, she kept forgetting. There would be no reply to her touch—no playful kicks or gut-churning somersaults. Just stillness that birthed an unbearable ache deep in her core.

Jenna shook herself. There wasn’t time to mourn. Not yet. Another glance at her watch. Knox was late. Jenna had been clear in her instructions; his delay could mean only bad news.




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