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Review: The End of the Trail by Louis Rakovich


It’s been a long time since I stopped in here for another book/story review, but I’m happy to bring you news of a new novelette from author Louis Rakovich.  I’ve read and enjoyed Louis’ short stories before and was eager to get a chance to read this dark tale.  Before I tell you what I thought of the read, here’s a bit about the story:

A barren land of salt and snow; a castle where underground paths twist and turn in endless circles and a reclusive king has not shown his face in years; a forest where few things are what they seem. An unnamed hero must navigate through these places as he takes on the task of tracking down a supposed witch, in a story that blends dream and reality, rumor and truth, danger and hope.

  Then begins the forest. It’s possible to sleep there at night without a roof over your head. The wind is calm, and a good bonfire will hold. There are few animals there, and one creature who whispers your name while you sleep.

I read this novelette over the course of two days worth of lunch breaks at work–it proved an excellent respite from my day job, a quick and dark escape.  I found The End of the Trail to be a gorgeously written tale with a lovely, haunting atmosphere.  The characters are beautiful with their sharp edges and their quiet need.  The tale unravels at just the perfect pace as the trail winds and wends, offering just enough history to make the world feel deep and complete and more than it shows us.  I wanted the end to linger a bit more, give me time to process, but found it beautiful nonetheless.

For more information and links for purchasing this novelette through various sites, please click here to visit Louis’ website.  Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!



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