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“Coming Undone” Published in Apex, Issue 75

The writing journey has been, at times, a slow one.  I have inched along, slowly gaining progress, gaining purchase on an uneven path.  I don’t think I will have ever arrived, because–in my mind at least–there is no such thing.  There’s no point at which I will level out and stop learning.  At least, I hope there isn’t.

The path is marked with milestones and I’ve reached another.  It feels good to stop, look back, celebrate.

What exactly am I rambling about tonight?

Apex 75

Last week, I had a flash piece published in Apex Magazine.  Yet another market I’ve been steadily submitting to for quite some time.  And I finally broke through–got the good news last year, in fact.  This month the story was published alongside stories from some of my short story heroes: E. Catherine Tobler, A. Merc Rustad, Sunny Moraine, Damien Angelica Walters, and more.  When I got the issue proofs and saw all those names listed in the table of contents I was blown away.  That I get to share the pages with authors who constantly inspire me to write more beautiful prose, reach for deeper meanings–it’s just…a dream come true.

So I’ll stop rambling now.  A bit about my story–it’s called “Coming Undone” obviously, and it has a better ending than it did on my first draft.  I always veer for those really horrible, depressing endings, but thanks to some great critiques, I found a better path for this particular story.  It’s a very short piece, and still quite dark.  Also, free to read!

I hope you’ll take the time to read my story (click here!), and all the other amazing stories in this issue of Apex. 

Huge thanks to every one of you who has already read the story, or commented, or shared, or all of the above!  And extra special thanks to everyone who continues to support me.  You are all amazing. ❤



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