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“When the INVADER Comes” Published in Zetetic



Don’t Open Your Eyes

Sweet one, your mind will scream as the animal instinct in you comes alive. It will demand you open your eyes. It will demand you see your attacker.

Remember what I showed you. Remember all the times we practiced. Don’t stop practicing when I am gone. Every day when you wake, close your eyes and find your way from the cot on the floor to the door, to the windows. Count every step. Know every obstacle. Map it in your mind and hear my voice.

Then, when the time comes—and it will come, sweetest—these defenses will be ingrained in you. You will not open your eyes.

When the INVADER Comes: What to Do and How to Do It” was published last night in Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, a sweet online magazine connected to Spark: A Creative Anthology (of which you’ve heard me speak of often before, most likely).

I love playing with different narrative forms and this one–technically a ‘list’ story–was a lot of fun to write.  I originally penned this during Story-a-Day May 2014.  I’m delighted that it’s found a good home with the awesome folks over at Zetetic. 

So if you’re looking for a brief, dark read, head on over here!  Please consider sharing or commenting if you enjoy it!  Zetetic also accepts donations, so that’s another great avenue of support.





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