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“Eorapter, the Dawn-Plunderer” Published in Kasma SF


Look at that artwork. Just look at it. The level of detail, especially in the background, is so astounding. This is part of the reason I love, love, love to have my stories published at Kasma SF.  José Baetas  does some incredible things and I always love seeing what he comes up with for my stories.

I’ve made it sort of a tradition to get print copies of his illustrations of my work and hang them in my ‘study.’


Now that I’ve finished rambling about the awesome artwork, I should probably mention the story, right? “Eorapter, the Dawn-Plunderer” is a very brief piece and–like my last publication–very lighthearted. It follows the story of Eo, a long-dead dinosaur who reawakens to find himself drifting in orbit around Earth. He sets out in an effort to thank the human who unwittingly jarred him back into consciousness, but that… well, that plan doesn’t go so well.

It’s a bit of a silly story, but hopefully in a fun way. Like I said, it’s quite brief–and also free to read, so head on over to Kasma SF if you need a bit of lighthearted space dinosaur fun to brighten up your day.

Happy Reading!



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