Published Works

“Fall to Her” Published in Apex Magazine

You want to fall.

You want to fall up, sideways, diagonal — towards the sun, or the moons, or the asteroid field. Out here in the vast pin-pricked black, it all feels like falling down.

The mech you wear is thick; it amplifies the ragged sound of your breathing.

But it cannot drown out the song.

I’m beyond delighted to bring you new of a new story publication. “Fall to Her” went live in Apex Magazine, Issue 87 today. You can pick up a copy of this excellent magazine here. (All other file types can be found on the right-hand side of this page.) Next week, my story will be This story is now available to read for free here!

“Fall to Her” is one of my favorite flash pieces. I could describe it, but I’ll let Apex Magazine‘s Editor-in-Chief, Jason Sizemore, do that for me, taken from his Words from the Editor section:

“Fall to Her” by flash fiction master Alexis A. Hunter takes us on a journey of unforgettable grief in a thousand words.

(Pardon me while that single sentence leaves me happy-dancing for days.)

While you’re checking out the issue, be absolutely certain to read “The Gentleman of Chaos” by A. Merc Rustad. Holy hell is it a gorgeous story. Just…mind-blowing. Certainly among my top favorites of Rustad’s work.

So yeah, that’s my happy early-August news. I should have another story coming out sooooooon which I can’t wait to share with you. It’s gonna be a great month.






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