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“Your Body, By Default” Published in Fireside Fiction, Issue 35

fireside - your-body-by-default_Hunter-FINAL-1-1024x576(Artwork by Galen Dara)

That gorgeous illustration right there is a dream come true for me. I’ve been a fan of Galen Dara‘s art for some time now. Her work is so gorgeous, so colorful and magical. I hardly dared to hope she’d ever illustrate one of my stories.

And then Fireside Fiction bought my science fiction tale “Your Body, By Default” and the dream came true! I’ve known for at least a month that Galen would be illustrating my story and seeing the final piece was this shining treasure looming ahead of me.

And here it is.

And it’s ten million kinds of gorgeous.

I’m excited to have this story published with Fireside. Excited doesn’t do the feeling justice really. It’s a market I’ve wanted to be published in for awhile, but never quite had the right story. And then they had another open submission period, with guest editor Daniel José Older, and I sent them this story and…well, here we are.

I feel I’m rambling a great deal right now, but I’m just so happy about this story, this venue, this artwork.

I wrote this story a few summers ago.  I didn’t mean to write the story when I did. I was simply mulling over the idea when lines started popping off in my head and I tried desperately to write them down before I’d forget them.  And so, “Your Body, By Default” was born. Some extra special awesome beta readers helped me: A. Merc Rustad, E. Catherine Tobler, Gary Emmette Chandler and Megan Chaudhuri.

I would also like to note that working with Brian White in editing was a fantastic experience. He was very understanding as we did edits very near to when Estelle was born. Also, as someone who constantly has to hold herself back from using emoticons and all caps in emails to editors (it’s a bad habit), it was super entertaining to get an all caps line from Brian at some point after Estelle’s birth. ^_^

So yeah. That’s my story. It’s free to read. Definitely the longest story I’ve had published this year. I hope you’ll check it out (free to read here)! And let me know what you think if you do!



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