OcTOBLERfest: Giveaway #1 – Watermark


As I announced earlier today, this month is OcTOBLERfest and in celebration I’ll be doing five giveaways of E. Catherine Tobler’s books this month.

First up, we have Watermark.


Pip, a kelpie sent to our world as punishment, is forced into a human form. But she cannot even recall her crime—there are only fragments in her memory: a dead girl, a frozen lake, a heart taken. Welcomed by other fae, she discovers the fairy realm itself is disappearing. Their enigmatic leader believes Pip can save Otherworld—but she senses she cannot fully trust him. As she unravels the truth, she knows she can reclaim her true nature, but the human world may be the cost . . .


E. Catherine Tobler has a history of beckoning me out of my comfort zone, and her latest, Watermark, the story of Pip, a kelpie sent to the world of humans, is no exception. Pip, in human form, finds there’s more to both human and fae than she first suspects, and there’s the small matter of Finn, a delicious, tattooed baker who is, like much in this entrancing novel, much more than he appears on the surface.

~Anna C. Bowling

An intriguing premise, am I right? Elise has the entire first chapter up on her website (here) for you to check out (after you enter to win the book, of course!).

If you want to read more–and you know you do–simply comment on this post to enter! For fun, you can also tell me your favorite kelpie/fae related story (book, tv show, movie, etc) and/or your favorite Tobler story/book. I’ll give you an extra entry if you share this post on Facebook or Twitter (let me know in your comment if you do so or tag me when you do it: @alexisahunter on Twitter).

You have until Monday at 6:00pm EST to enter, at which time I’ll put all the names in a hat and we’ll see which of you lucky ducks gets a copy of Watermark. This week’s giveaway will be an ebook (file format of your choice). Stay tuned later in the month for a few print giveaways!

Happy OcTOBLERfest to you all!



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