Welcome to OcTOBLERfest!


Fall into Tobleriffic Fiction!

Autumn is officially here in the US and what better time to ‘fall’ into magical, painful, gorgeous stories? This year I hope you’ll join me for OcTOBLERfest–a month long shindig celebrating the works of E. Catherine Tobler.


E. Catherine Tobler was born on the other side of the International Dateline, which either gives her an extra day in her life or an extraordinary affinity when it comes to inter-dimensional gateways. She is the senior editor of Shimmer Magazine and lives in Colorado, which has a distinct lack of inter-dimensional gateways, but an abundance of mountains, which may prove mad indeed.

Her short stories have appeared numerous times in magazines such as Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Apex, and more. She’s written gorgeous and exciting tales in her Folley & Mallory series and most recently in her novella, The Kraken Sea, part of Jackson’s Unreal Circus— a series of connected stories all set in the same vivid world.


I first encountered Elise’s work four years ago when I had the extreme privilege of sharing a table of contents with her in the premier issue of Insatiable: The Magazine of Paranormal Desires. I was relatively new to the short story publishing scene and hadn’t run across Elise’s work before. Her story — “Half a Woman, Half a Shadow” — opened the magazine: a luscious, dark tale of immortal love. I was instantly a fan of Tobler’s just by reading that one story.

“I ran my hands through Nolan’s clothing, releasing the scent of him into the air, staining my fingertips with it. Later, on the road, I would pres my hands to my nose and cry, but not now. Not now.”

~”Half a Woman, Half a Shadow”

Later, I followed her on Twitter. I discovered she was the Senior Editor of Shimmer Magazine. I was, I’ll admit, a bit star-struck. In fact, the first time she tweeted back at me I raved to my husband about it. I couldn’t believe E. CATHERINE TOBLER had tweeted back at me.

And thus began a friendship.

In 2015, I finally had the immense pleasure of having a story published with Shimmer Magazine–after a rewrite request from Elise. She very wisely pointed out that the ending of my story — “Be Not Unequally Yoked” — needed something more. Her suggestions for revisions to the story made it so much more powerful and satisfying and I’ll always be grateful for her wisdom in that area.

So that’s how I know Elise. I haven’t begun to expound on my love for her fiction because you’ll get plenty of that over the course of October. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating OcTOBLERfest–we’re going to have reviews of Elise’s fiction from some truly excellent folks, starting off with A.C. Wise on Wednesday! Also stay tuned every week for GIVEAWAYS. Who doesn’t love a good giveaway?  Every Monday of the month, wrapping up on Halloween of course, I’ll be giving away one of Elise’s books–some digital and a few in print!

Grab a mug of warm coffee, wrap yourself up in a sweater, and join me in delving into stories dark and wonderful this month.




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