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New Publications in Pulp Literature & Transcendent: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction



We interrupt your regularly scheduled OcTOBLERfest content for a brief announcement: I’ve had two stories published recently and hadn’t yet had a chance to put them up here.

First, my Shimmer story–“Be Not Unequally Yoked”–was reprinted in Transcendent: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction, edited by K.M. Szpara. If you take a look at the names on that cover, you’ll understand why I’m BEYOND thrilled to be a part of this collection. A. Merc Rustad, E. Catherine Tobler, Bogi Takács, the list goes on and on. I absolutely can’t wait to devour the other stories in this collection. It’s already had some excellent reviews, including a starred review from Publishers Weekly. Be sure to grab yourself a copy either on Amazon or directly from Lethe Press themselves.

“…Szpara stitches together a collection that feels like a cozy blanket for trans readers who long for inclusive fiction (and for cis readers who may well wonder why there’s so much gender-essentialism in everyday SF/F)…This is a timely (which is to say long overdue), wide-ranging, and highly enjoyable collection.” – Publishers Weeklystarred review


Second, I have an original story–“Nightshade & Datura”–published in Pulp Literature this month. A robot landscaper and a juvenile delinquent star in this (hopefully) sweet story. This piece was inspired by an old robotics article I read awhile back that mentioned possible safety precautions for robots including programming them to avoid humans (so as not to trample them, etc). That sounded awfully lonely to me, and thus this story was born. Working with the editors over at Pulp Literature was super great; they provided lots of excellent suggestions and notes for tightening the story up and it’s all the better for it. You can pick up a copy from their website, here.

That’s all for now! I’ll now return you to the continuing OcTOBLERfest celebrations.






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