OcTOBLERfest: Giveaway 3 – The Glass Falcon & The Honey Mummy


Are you ready for another giveaway? Another grand adventure in the heart of Paris?

This week is extra special. Cue the fireworks and hype (wait…is that Summer time stuff?).

I’m giving away an ebook copy of E. Catherine Tobler’s The Glass Falcon AND The Honey Mummy. These are books #2 and #3 in Tobler’s Folley & Mallory series. (It’s all better if you read Rings of Anubis first, but I think you shouldn’t be too lost if you start with #2.)

Here’s a bit about the books…


The Glass Falcon

A bungled museum theft.
An ancient Egyptian riddle.
The rumor of strange creatures moving beneath the streets of Paris.

Eleanor Folley knew she was in for a challenge when she accepted the task of cataloging Mistral’s archive of purloined artifacts, but she never expected to discover an Egyptian mystery buried in the heart of Paris.

When Anubis and Horus task her with a quest, she cannot refuse the ancient gods, even if it means venturing into the cathedrals of bones that clutter the catacombs of Paris.



“Full of fun, adventure, lush descriptions, and a dash of romance.” ~A.C. Wise


Through Egyptian deserts and the catacombs the adventures of Folley and Mallory are a must read for any steampunk enthusiast!” ~R. Floyd




The Honey Mummy

A mummy bound in honey.
An auction of archaic wonders.
An immortal link to the past.

Beneath the streets of Alexandria, Agent Cleo Barclay stumbled into a catacomb that changed her life. Her arms were taken, transfigured, and something remarkable was revealed — something that will stir an ancient life from the ashes of history.

A serpentine sarcophagus holds clues to Cleo’s past and future. She enlists Eleanor Folley and Virgil Mallory to collect the artifact at auction, to unravel its mysteries and her own. When the sarcophagus falls into the hands of an enigmatic Egyptologist, they find themselves participants in his diabolical pursuits.

Drawn to Alexandria by their friend — and the temptations of a newly discovered ring (oh Eleanor!) — Folley and Mallory will be challenged as never before.



Engaging characters, unusual arcane twists, fascinating lore and connections to history, this series has it all, and this installment has it in spades.” ~Beth Loubet


“Miss Fisher meets Indiania Jones.” ~D.E.S. Richard

Simply comment below to enter this giveaway–you can just say hey, mention your favorite Tobler story, favorite coffee brand (I’m on the hunt!), etc. And if you share this giveaway post on Twitter or Facebook, let me know in your comment (or tag me when you do) and I’ll throw your name into the hat an extra time. As before, you have until Monday (Oct. 17th) at 6PM EST to enter.

What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!

Happy Octoblerfest!



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