OcTOBLERfest: Week 5 (FINAL) Giveaway — The Kraken Sea


Alright, kids, are you ready for the final OcTOBLERfest giveaway??

This week’s giveaway is a print copy of The Kraken Sea!


Fifteen-year-old Jackson is different from the other children at the foundling hospital. Scales sometimes cover his arms. Tentacles coil just below his skin. Despite this Jackson tries to fit in with the other children. He tries to be normal for Sister Jerome Grace and the priests. But when a woman asks for a boy like him, all that changes. His name is pinned to his jacket and an orphan train whisks him across the country to Macquarie’s.

At Macquarie’s, Jackson finds a home unlike any he could have imagined. The bronze lions outside the doors eat whomever they deem unfit to enter, the hallways and rooms shift and change at will, and Cressida — the woman who adopted him — assures him he no longer has to hide what he is. But new freedoms hide dark secrets. There are territories, allegiances, and a kraken in the basement that eats shadows.

As Jackson learns more about the new world he’s living in and about who he is, he has to decide who he will stand with: Cressida, the woman who gave him a home and a purpose, or Mae, the black-eyed lion tamer with a past as enigmatic as his own. The Kraken Sea is a fast paced adventure full of mystery, Fates, and writhing tentacles just below the surface, and in the middle of it all is a boy searching for himself.

“Shifting supernatural borderlands inspire awe and ancient gods mirror very human desires in a fear fable that balances complex philosophy with relentless, image-packed action. Tobler creates a fluid, transformative universe that’s equal parts exhilaration and terror.” — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)


“E. Catherine Tobler weaves a strange story in this short novel. The story is twisted with threads, some are savage, some are beautiful, some are all too human and some are all too monstrous. Mythic and inventive. With great skill, all are woven together in a tale that’s strange yet familiar as the threads of your own life.” — Deborah Walker

Having read this book myself, I can say it is well worth the read. This might be one of my favorites of Elise’s work so far. The ending…man, I can’t spoil it, but the ending!! It was one of those stories that wrapped me up more and more the further along I got. Gorgeous prose, that fascinating world, and excellent, vivid characters. You need it. You just do.

So, same drill as always. Comment on this post (just saying you’re entering and if you shared the post on social media so I can get you that extra entry–gotta tag me in your sharing of the post though so I can see it. @alexisahunter on Twitter.) Unfortunately, this is once again open to US entrants only. Don’t hate me overseas people. 😦

Deadline is Monday, October 31st at 6PM EST.

What are you waiting for?

Happy OcTOBLERfest!




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