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“Perfectly Not Normal” Published in Flash Fiction Online


November is certainly starting out with a bang–I will have two new stories for you this month. The timing of these publications is pretty awesome as they both share a theme: parenthood.

It’s probably not surprising that this theme crept into my fiction this year. This whole having a baby thing affects deeply many areas of my life, and of course that extends to my writing. Estelle is changing me, teaching me, and I love pulling from that and working it into stories. It’s also how I explore what I’m feeling and how I’m growing and changing.

First up, I have “Perfectly Not Normal” published in Flash Fiction Online today.

In the womb, you already know she is different. You feel her first kicks earlier than should be possible. Later, when your belly is stretched taut, you can see and feel the edges of appendages that should not be.

You can’t muster the courage to ask the doctor–but your ultrasounds last longer than most as you study and study the gray-black image twisting on screen: two arms, two legs, head.

Normal, the technician says, but you know better.

I wrote this piece in January when was 3-4 months pregnant. I’d had one ultrasound. One of my favorite parts of writing is taking a situation/feeling/etc I’ve experienced myself and amplifying it, distorting it, exploring it in a fantasy/sci-fi setting. And that’s what I wrote here. An experience many parents have–pregnancy, an ultrasound, birth, etc–and twisting it in a fantasy realm. Regardless of the fantastical elements, hopefully the emotion still resonates.

Be sure to check out the rest of the stories in this month’s FFO issue–I read Matt Dovey’s “Quartet of the Far-Blown Winds” at 4am this morning and HOLY SHIT it is awesome!

I’ll be back soon with my other parenthood-themed story that’ll be out this month.

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!




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