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“You Said, Promised, Swore” Published in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination


I’m super happy to bring you word of another story of mine–“You Said, Promised, Swore“–out yesterday in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination‘s November/December issue. (Read the whole issue for freeeeeee here). I’m super stoked to be sharing a TOC with Blaize M. Kaye. His story–“Ndakusuwa“–really tugs at the heart strings.

The timing of this publication, alongside my FFO story released earlier this week, is super awesome.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

I wasn’t supposed to be alone.

I look to the stars, where I left your body. And somehow I manage to feel abandoned. As if you had a choice. As if you chose to die when they boarded us. As if you should have known — somehow, impossibly — that this would happen.

That’s the grief talking



under the stars that mark your grave.

This story (“You Said, Promised, Swore”) was the last piece I wrote before Estelle was born. It was only a few weeks beforehand and the theme was heavy on my mind. I was having trouble writing at all as I anxiously awaited go-time. This was a story I had wanted to write for awhile, but hadn’t managed to. It is also told from the point of view of a parent–only this time it’s a pregnant man. Looking back at both of these stories, it’s interesting to see how isolated the characters are in both of them: in my FFO story, the character is isolated by the difference of her child, in this piece the character is literally alone on an alien planet. I had no way of knowing at the time that in the weeks following Estelle’s birth, I would feel that very same isolation. As if the whole world had receded and left me on an island with this squirming, demanding, wonderful baby.

So yeah. Lots of fun this month. It’s pretty entertaining when themes come together like this. I hope you’ll take a moment to read the rest of the Fantastic Stories of the Imagination‘s issue. And if you enjoy the magazine as much as I do, you can support them via Patreon (here).

Happy November!



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