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2016 Awards Eligibility Post

It is that time of year again, when all the lovely writers are smothering their imposter syndrome and putting out awards eligibility posts. So count me among them! I’ll make this short and sweet.

The awards eligible story I’d most like to put forward this year is “Your Body, By Default” — published in Fireside Fiction in August. This is one of only two short stories published this year (the rest is flash). An excerpt…

They brought you back because they want something from you. Maybe one day they will bring people back because they can or because it’s the right thing to do — but for now there’s you and there’s them and there’s the unspoken obligations that lie between you both.


The IED blew your body into pieces: bone and brain and blood, sprayed in the sand with the twisted shell of your tank.

Maybe you weren’t always happy with your body; maybe your breasts were smaller than you would have liked and your toes reminded you of tree roots and there was that one mole right in the middle of your back that you always managed to catch with the hook of your bra; but it was your body. Your history was written in scars and tattoos. And you knew it, inside and out.

You made it yours over the years — the shaved sides of your head accenting the bright shock of magenta hair spilling over the top, the solid black contact lenses that made pupil and iris indistinguishable, the ornate scrolling ink that wrapped your ribcage.

This hunk of flesh you now inhabit is foreign. It is devoid of scar and ink and memory. It bulges or dips in all the wrong places. What it is is wrong, just as what it isn’t is wrong. It’s ten kinds of not you and you’re helpless under this skin.

My other award eligible stories from 2016…

“Nobody Puts Baby in a Chamber” — Mothership Zeta — May 2016 (Flash)

“Eorapter, the Dawn-Plunderer” — Kasma SF — July 2016 (Short)

“Fall to Her” — Apex — August 2016 (Flash)

“Perfectly Not Normal” — Flash Fiction Online — (Flash)

“You Said, Promised, Swore” — Fantastic Stories of the Imagination — (Flash)

And that’s all, folks! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Happy Holidays!




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