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“God Talk: Advice From a Deity in Distress” Published in Fireside Fiction

So. Funny story. I was lying in bed (after wrestling the baby to sleep) waiting for Bo to finish brushing his teeth and I just… I really felt like writing something. It was fall of 2016 and I hadn’t written much since Estelle was born. So I grabbed my iPod and just… started writing a story. It was done before Bo climbed into bed.

It was weird. And short. And funny (I think). Oh, and also, it was pretty dirty.

Thus was born “God Talk: Advice From a Deity in Distress.”

I had amused myself while writing the story and tweeted about it, saying something to the effect of “where am I going to find an editor who doesn’t mind dirty stories with lots of F-bombs?” Turns out there IS an editor who would entertain such a story and his name is Brian White and he runs the fantastic Fireside Fiction, which I had the extreme pleasure of being published in last year.

Now, I adore Fireside. They publish heavy-hitter stories, stories that MEAN something, that tackle hard issues and truths, stories that RESIST. So I was a little surprised when Brian wanted to buy this weird little story. I’ve yet to read the other two pieces in the issue, but I already know I’m going to love them. I know they’re going to mean something. Does my story mean anything? Is it okay if a story is simply entertaining?

I think so. I think we need silly stories. I think we need dirty humor. Because a pause, a laugh, a moment of NOT-seriousness can be important for our mental health. And also it sort of gears your brain up for the next awesome, powerhouse story.

So, that’s my happy news–my first published story of 2017 is out, in Fireside, and it’s not at ALL my normal shtick. Still, I enjoyed writing it and I hope people will enjoy reading it. Our country is facing some increasingly terrifying times, so maybe a “dirty little flash story” (sort of the draft title of this piece) will provide a moment of fun before we press on to our important work.

All of that said–this is probably not a story for kids. Or people who don’t like F-bombs. Or people who don’t like, well…dick jokes.




One thought on ““God Talk: Advice From a Deity in Distress” Published in Fireside Fiction

  1. Funny, I seem to remember reading a post you wrote a few years ago – something along the lines of “What I write, and what I don’t” – and I’m pretty sure that stories of a dirty or sexual nature was one of the things you listed that you did not write. And that’s pretty much been true over the last several years. Which just goes to prove that you, like all intelligent life forms, can evolve. LOL. It’s fine; I’m not bothered by it. A little exploration outside our comfort zones is good for us. It’s nice to see you pushing the boundaries. I’ve been reading your stories for three years now, and I’ve read stories of yours going back to 2011, and you have grown so much as a writer in the past five years. All the work you have put into your writing has paid off; keep it up.

    By the way, I have not read this story yet. I’m just responding to your comments about it.

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