Published Works

“If You See Green, Scream” Published in Zetetic

“If anyone asks,” Jason says, “tell them we’re fine.” But we’re not fine. The words never escape your lips.  You swallow them and they sit heavy in your stomach like a wad of over-chewed gum. Instead, you nod.  You whisper something that sounds like “okay” but lacks conviction.  You go along with this because he’s… Continue reading “If You See Green, Scream” Published in Zetetic

2017 Reading

January 2017 Reads

So this year I’ve decided to start tracking what I read. I always forget, by the end of the year, what I read and when. So, inspired by E. Catherine Tobler’s reading summary posts, I intend to hopefully update y’all once a month. Without further ado, in January 2017 I read… Novels Eleanor by Jason… Continue reading January 2017 Reads