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Reprint – Kasma SF’s 10 Years of SF Collection

Hello hello!

It feels like it’s been ages, but I’m finally back to announce another publication!

Kasma SF has put together a collection with stories selected from the past TEN years of their magazine. This collection includes one of my first human-to-robot stories–“Memory File #006.” Rereading it now is a strange thing. There are some weird slightly fatphobic and ableist lines in there. It’s fascinating to look back and see how not just your writing has evolved, but also how your mind has too.

As you may recall, I try to send Kasma a story every year, if possible, because I love them. Editor Alex Korovessis is a fantastic fellow, and I adore the artwork José Baetas invariably comes up with to illustrate the stories!

So the collection is free to download here, and there are also links to donate to the magazine if you wish, or to buy copies of the collection as well. Do the thing! Read all the stories! You know the drill.

I hope to be back soon with more publication news as I’ve sold two pieces so far this year. 2018 is looking bright for getting back to writing. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Reprint – Kasma SF’s 10 Years of SF Collection

  1. I always liked “Memory File #006.” It was about that time that you really seemed to hit your stride as a writer.

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