Raised on a farm in rural Michigan, Alexis A. Hunter spent most of her childhood tending to animals, making mud-pies and playing outside with any one of her seven siblings.  At around the age of nine or ten, she began to scrawl her first works of fiction in spiral bound notebooks.  These were clumsy, cliched fantasy stories packed with every trope in the book, and barely legible to boot.  But that’s where it all began — filling page after page until her hand cramped.

Today, Alexis is still fascinated by the endless possibilities offered by speculative fiction.  Short stories are her true passion, despite a few curious forays into the world of novels.  Over fifty of her stories have been published, appearing or forthcoming in such magazines as Cricket, Shimmer and Apex.  Alexis also stays busy reading submissions for two different speculative magazines–Plasma Frequency and BastionShe maintains a Facebook Author page, but is more readily available on Twitter.


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