Over in my ‘Publications’ tab, you can find my entire bibliography, including links to every short story I’ve had published.

However, I wanted to make an easier way for people to ‘sample’ my work, so consider this a tasty buffet of my favorite free-to-read stories.  Simply click the link in each story title to read the complete work.


Coming Undone

Published in Apex Magazine

August 4th, 2015

On the holo-screen, I saw men and women more metal than flesh. Glistening steel connected to bone and muscle, woven under their skin. Powerful arms, piston legs, pulse-cannons, and jets, made one with the human body.

My breath caught. For the first time, I realized what I could be:


Burn Me, Love

Published in freeze frame fiction

April 1st, 2015

Parts of her are gnarled, heavily lined like old oak bark. She’s learned how to hide her imperfections in swathes of bright clothes, in the perfect palette of makeup, a glittering bauble dangling just above her breasts. She has dressed up for him, a stranger with his latte.

The truth of it sinks in and she fights tears—afraid of marring her carefully arranged mask.

She yearns to shed her responsibilities, to free herself of these obligatory roots.

Guilt follows that desire.

Guilt always follows desire.

Dark Refrain

Published in Read Short Fiction

November 30, 2013

What was worse — we didn’t bury his body. They said his remains had been scattered by the IED. Not enough to bring home. If there had been a body, I would have clung to it. I would have looked into the lines of his young face, seen the echoes of his boyish grin and realized fully that he was never coming back. That I needed to mourn and let him rest.

Michael was dead, but he wasn’t resting.

He was all life and all passion in his words.


By the Gun

Published in Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume I

April 2, 2013

He wiped at his face, rolling to grab her hand. “I done him wrong, and now he won’t leave me be.”


He shivered. “Keep hearin’ his spurs jinglin’. He’s coming again for me soon. You gotta keep him away. Gotta keep him away or he’ll hang me again.” He rubbed the raw skin on his neck.

She tilted his head back for a better look. The skin had been rubbed off, leaving a sticky mess of tender flesh. “My god, Colton. Word was you jumped off the gallows ’fore they got the rope ’round your neck.”

He swallowed, wincing. “I did.”

Unknown Percentage

Published in Scigentasy

November 2, 2013

“So, listen, Big. I want to do something new today.” His gaze never leaves mine. My lenses dilate so I can look past the black contacts in his eyes to see the soft brown beneath. Something about the way he says “try something new” makes me nervous. Excited, too, I think.

AIs don’t feel human emotion, of course. But thanks to some sophisticated programming and adaptive algorithms, we do feel things. Synthetic emotions. A painting that can never capture the true essence.

“What…did you have in mind?” He has this effect on me. Makes my vocal processing freeze up, the fans whine at their increased workload.

“Something electric.”


Sharing the Gift

Published in Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi

November 22, 2012

Our bodies wouldn’t hold together like they used to. Every day, strips of skin peeled off and hung like fringe from our decaying limbs. On bad days, chunks of muscle and flesh caught in the doorway. Once, I hugged Herb too hard and his kidney plopped out. The organ slid across the worn floorboards, Herb and I chuckling as we watched it smack the bowed curve of his rocking chair.


Memory File #006

Published in Kasma SF

April 1, 2013

“I love you,” she whispers. She presses her lips against his.

His own kiss is rushed. A quick scrape of the lips before he twists out of her grasp.

It isn’t that he doesn’t care. He’s just afraid. Of dying. Of having a heart attack or brain aneurism when he is so close to salvation.

Vicker turns his gaze to the shuttle, casting a goodbye over his shoulder as he jogs toward everlasting life. “See you soon, love.”


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